Top of the shops?

Top of the shops?
April 16, 2017 rachel

Top of the shops?

The challenge

The management team at a shopping centre wished to identify the profile of their shoppers and how satisfied the shoppers were with the facilities available. What would they need to do to increase the frequency of shopping at the centre? How well did it compare to another local shopping centre competing for custom?


  • To establish the profile of shoppers
  • To understand their awareness and usage of the respective shopping centres
  • To understand how shoppers travelled to the shopping centres, how far they had travelled and how frequently they shopped there
  • To explore shopper behaviour and understand what they had purchased or had expected to purchase and average expenditure
  • To understand their attitudes to the centres

Our approach

We conducted face to face interviews with 350 shoppers at the shopping centre itself and its competitor.

We made sure we interviewed a representative sample of customers during key shopping hours across every day of the week.


Our shopper insights research report detailed the results of the survey. One key finding was how shoppers had first become aware of the centres and what initially attracted them there. Based on this evidence, our client adjusted their communication strategy. They also planned changes so they could compete more effectively.

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